New Here?

Going somewhere for the first time can be tough, so we put together a little guide to help you along the way.

Depending on when you show up Sunday morning, we’ll be doing different things. 9:30 am is when our Sunday school classes meet. Around 10:15 our classes let out, and people begin to congregate in the lobby for coffee. Sometimes it takes a little coaxing (we all like to talk), but we head in to the sanctuary at 10:30 am for the service.

Occasionally we’ll change things up, but for the most part here is what you can expect.

We start out by singing some songs together.

Then we’ll take communion. That’s something we do every week in our tradition. Instead of passing communion trays, we are currently using single serve communion elements, located in the pews.

After a few minutes, someone gets up and speaks for a bit (they’ll try their best not to bore you…). Children's church is available (more on that below) every Sunday for kids 4 years old to 5th grade except the 1st Sunday of the month. We call that "Family Sunday," and everyone stays in the sanctuary the whole service

Then we’ll sing another song and dismiss.

We do. It's not just a tradition we have. It's a reminder each time we gather together that our hope is in Jesus - a time for us to remember his sacrifice and the salvation it brings.

Instead of passing communion trays, we are currently using single serve communion elements, located in the pews.

You’ll probably see a bunch of kids around Hume Christian Church. We think that one sign of a spiritually healthy church family is it has people of all generations. We have Sunday school at 9:30 am for kids (and adults too!). Just look for signs telling you where to go. During our service at 10:30 am, a nursery is available for kids through 3 years old. Everyone else goes to the main service. Every Sunday - except the 1st Sunday of the month - right before the sermon, we’ll dismiss kids in 5th grade and under to go to children’s church. 

We are pretty informal. You’ll see people in jeans and people in khakis, people with shirts tucked in and people with shirts untucked, people with collars on their shirts and people with no collars. You probably won't see many ties. We don't have anything against them, though. Bowties are pretty cool. Here’s the main thing. We want you to wear… something.

Sure! Grab some coffee from the lobby, or bring your own. We're okay with snacks, too. Just don’t bring a whole meal in with you – that’s kind of weird. Our rules are pretty simple… if you make a mess, clean it up.

Feel free to get in touch with us if you have more questions. You can visit us on Facebook, email, or call 660.643.7448