Hume Christian Church was started almost 140 years ago. Though we’ve seen our community and our church family undergo changes since then, we’re committed to being a body of believers where people from different walks of life can be united because of Jesus. Since the beginning we have always been independent with no denominational ties, though we share a common heritage with similar churches all around the country. We are Christians only, but we know we aren’t the only Christians!

Our regular Sunday morning meeting is pretty relaxed. We sing, we take communion together, and someone speaks. It usually lasts about an hour. We also have Sunday school for kids and adults before our service. In between, we like to hang out in the lobby and drink coffee (or tea). Want to know more about what a Sunday morning looks like at HCC? Check out the I'm New page.

We are committed to the idea that no matter where you’ve been, or no matter where you are, there’s room for you here. We know that we don’t have it all figured out, and we know we make mistakes. But we also know that God is real and so it his love for us… and that changes everything. We try to do our best to love God and love people.